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A journey of a thousand miles…

In just over two weeks’ time, I will be leaving for London where Jason and I will begin our life together.  Though my overwhelming feeling is that of excitement for the future that lies before us, there is a small fear and sadness in my mind and heart at leaving home and family.  It is hard for me not to instinctively want everyone with us on our travels, reveling in all the excitement of discovery Jason and I will have as we strike off to explore the interesting nooks and crannies of the world (in between that pesky thing called “work” of course!).

In talking about it with Jason, we both thought it would be fun to keep a blog/journal cataloging our life overseas to share with all of you back home.  Here we’ll post pictures, maps, reviews, and stories of the things we do, the places we see, and people we meet along the way so that the distances separating us might seem a little bit smaller and you might also enjoy a bit in our adventures.

Feel free to comment openly on any of the materials that end up on this blog with both feedback and requests!

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