Eats and Drinks

MoNkEyNuTs: Hardly needs an explanation!

My first day in London, Jason and I went up the road from his old Finsbury Park flat to Crouch End for lunch.  Where did he take me? Where else?!  Monkey Nuts!  MoNkEyNuTs is essentially a bar/pub style restaurant that specializes in, I think, what Brits imagine American food to be like (they serve hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.).  It’s not that simple though, since the food takes on an eclectic twist.  My New York Style hotdog, for example, came out like this:

Jason had a steak sandwich which, as it turned out, was exactly that…with a bit of roughage thrown on top just to make it interesting and even sloppier to eat:

Overall, I had fun here.  The decor is neat.  I think they must cater to local bands and such too, because they have posters all over the walls near the bathrooms.  Right near the restrooms is a door that says “Monkey Business” on it.  I believe it’s an office, but I personally think it would have been funnier if THAT was the bathroom.  I still wish I’d gotten a picture of it, but I didn’t really think to take my camera to the bathroom with me at the time.

Mr. Wu’s Chinese Buffet: Probably really did serve “Flied Lice”

Mr. Wu might own Chinatown (there are a ton of different shops and restaurants with his name on them), but his all you can eat buffet restaurant left something to be desired.  That probably explains why it was relatively empty and the place we wanted to eat at initially had a line out the front door of people waiting.  I think next time we’ll just plan on the wait.

Chinese place in Crouch End: So good, I can’t remember the name of it!

This place was amazing. Their food was so far the best Chinese food I’ve had yet in London.  I think it was this place.  An interesting thing to note about Chinese restaurants in London, I haven’t been in a single Chinese restaurant yet (I’ve eaten at 3 so far) where the menus give any description at all of the items on it.  It’s just sort of left up to your best guess and whether you’re feeling adventurous; particularly since it’s likely they call certain foods different names from the ones we’re used to in the States.

Thai Orchid

Friday (February 10), Jason and I ate out at a Thai place on Clapham High Street.  Though the presentation was nice and the food was obviously well prepared, the main dishes lacked pretty significantly in flavour (the appetizers were both really good though).  The service was also pretty terrible.  I think we’re both hoping to find a better Thai restaurant in the area.  It seems to have gotten mediocre ratings (2 stars from user ratings and 3 stars from a website rating)…so apparently our impressions weren’t far off.


JustEat is a brilliant system that I think all cities in the U.S. should adopt.  It’s essentially a delivery service which potentially hundreds of restaurants opt-in to.  You place an order online with a restaurant and then, assuming it’s close enough to your area, they deliver!  The type of food runs the gamut from the typical pizza and Chinese to the more “exotic” Indian, English, American, Turkish, Lebanese, Thai, etc.

We had Indian on Sunday (February 12).  It took only about a half hour to 40 minutes for our food to arrive, and it was actually quite delicious.  The restaurant looks cool too.  I’d like to try eating in to see if the food is any better/different.

Due to my having a pretty serious headache (and us deciding we wanted to save an extravagant dinner out for Paris), we ordered-in and had a bed picnic for Valentine’s Day night.  We had spinach and cheese stuffed chicken, orecchiette pasta with broccoli and Italian sausage (it was spicy and to me the most delicious thing we ordered), roasted potatoes and Scottish fillet with mushrooms and a wine sauce.  Very decadent for take-out it was also pretty yummy.


Jason’s favorite British restaurant! 😉

Costa: Better than Starbucks

That’s right; I love this place.  Costa is a Starbucks-like coffee shop, but with much better coffee and yummier desserts.  They have a sticky toffee pudding muffin I’m determined to try at some point.  Their Gingerbread Lattes are lovely.  I like them better than Starbucks because their coffee is not as strong or as sweet.

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